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Hanna Great Job Sara and Sami. Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.

Hanna Great Job Hannah. Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.

Kim Great Job Laurel. Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
kim Kim

Laurel Great Job Laurel. Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Laurel Laurel

Maggie Great Job Maggie. Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.

Eric again Eric projected the Kissing Fairy then colored this four feet tall picture for his class. Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Erics Class Art

Rachael Rachael has done some wonderfull coloring on three drawings
Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Rachael Rachael Rachael

Eric Eric projected and then colored this four feet tall Fairy for his class
Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Erics Class Art Erics Class Art

Val's Kids More wonderful colorings were submitted by Val's Kids, March 2007
Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Snow Angel 4 Coloring Page Val's Kids Art

Emily's coloring Super coloring job Emily, December 2006
Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Phil's Kids Art Snow Angel 4 Coloring Page Val's Kids Art Snow Angel 4 Coloring Page

Val's Kids More wonderful colorings were submitted by Val's Kids, December 2006
Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Val's Kids Art Snow Angel 4 Coloring Page Val's Kids Art Snow Angel 4 Coloring Page Val's Kids Art Snow Angel 4 Coloring Page

Val's Kids These wonderful colorings were submitted by Val's Kids, November 2006
Click hear for the Kids coloring gallery.
Val's Kids Art Snow Angel 4 Coloring Page

Shanda My mom bought me your coloring book for my birthday. I love the story and especially the art. I am going to do the fairy puppet now.

Ismeal The entire site is amazing you no how the art is just so arty and everything. its all just wonderfully wonderful and all sorts of stuff. Yes I am a 86 year old man and it is just a miracle on how insanely extraordinary the website is!!!

Helen and Jordan We received your coloring/story book today. Thank you so much for the lovely drawing on the envelope (as well as the drawings in the book). You have great talent. Our daughter turns 7 in June, and this is part of her birthday presents. She loves cats and kitten, and she collect drawings, pictures, stuffed cats, everything and anything about cats. We are planning a Cat Party for her (something simple, but fun, with lots and lots of cats).

Kristi We would love to have your permission to use your artwork, and if yes, in what capacity may we use it.

Jessica I think this web site is wonderful and the pictures are the best. I like how you can go to a section and then if you like the story you can print it out along with the coloring page that goes with the story!!

Mary Your work is fabulous, thank you so much for sharing and may the lord bless you abundantly.

Rev. G. Nisse Love The Stories

Emily Hi. My dad showed me your coloring book. His name is Phil. I'm his daughter Emily. I am amazed at your work.

Ruth Hello Phee just wanted to say have a wonderful and safe Easter and hope that 2006 is good to you. I love your work it makes me feel wonderful and at peace. Life should be as wonderful as your pages.

Lee What a wonderful site to find. I was doing some searching for art for my daughter to draw and was mesmerized by all that I saw. I will truly come back for seconds. Mahalo for sharing such inspiration.

Valerie I so love your site especially the butterflies.

Jaime Your art work was a true inspiration to me when I accidentally ran across it today. I intend on creating my first art wall hanging with fabric and you have given me many ideas. thanks.

Leonid Good site. Me very much has liked.

Raven We'd Like to feature a link to your page on our special programs pages. It is a commercial site, but we list local events on our calendars, host other artists, and offer free classes and workshops, as well as scholarship opportunities to kids in financial need. Our Site is - Sincere Admirers of Your Work.

Liz Do you ever draw portraits of people as fairies? (Sometimes)

Miulana Thank you. You make coloring fun for my Josephine, 11 and Robert, 10.

Janet I want to thank you for sharing your God given talents with us. I have been to hundreds of coloring sites and your art work is by far my favorite.

Carol Fantastic art! I was surfing looking for gorgeous pics, for my students to color (high school alt. Ed.) The girls will love these! Thanks for such a great site!

Alisa Hey I like your coloring pages, I have lots of them I have colored. Please send me a book of the coloring pictures. Thank You.

Meri Love your site. Are you able to send a coloring book to Victoria BC Canada? (Yes)

Charmaine I like your pictures and art, its no natural.

Risa Love the art. Just wondering if you are going to do any leprechaun elf art... You would do it the best! (There is one leprechaun on the site but he is a bit mysterious and a little hard to find or catch for that matter.)

Eca Love The Art. Very nice page:-)

Gill Love The Art. We are an msn psp teaching group and would love to be able to use your art. Everything we do is done for fun.

Jacquie I love your page! I'm 19 years old and color your pages, they are fun and creative! ;-)

Mary I love your art work it is fantastic and I plan to put a link at my site. I was wondering though if you give permission for tubing your work, and making name tags out of them? My site is UnicornNiteMare's Dreamland and your pictures would make cute name tags for me and my members if it is allowed? If not, I am just happy to view your work. It is fantastic! (Sometimes)

Ywonne Let me first say that I greatly admire your work! I am a member of a couple of Paint Shop Pro hobby groups. We make signature tags to gain better skills in Paint Shop Pro. I would be delighted if you would grant permission to me to use your artwork for the following non-profit purposes:

Wendy This is a truly wonderful site. The art and stories are great!

Becky I absolutely loved going through your site. And thank you for allowing the browsers like myself to use your art for our personal enjoyment. I love this kind of art!

Risa Fantastic art work. Enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Ebony I like the art and pictures to color its beautiful.

Abby I love the art so I love you as well.

Erin I love this site you have so many wonderful fairies...if I could I would hang then all on my wall... (I think you should, I do)

Mary My daughter, who is eight, loves your art. You are very inspirational. Thank you!!!!

Valerie Hi I wanted to say that I really enjoy your artwork! Have you always wanted to make a coloring book? (Yes and I have and would like to make many more.)

Trish I am so glad to have found you. I would like to be able to get some of your prints for a little girl's room.

Deavens Grandma Deaven was born 3 months early that's why her name is spelled like heaven with a D. She is now 8 and very tiny. She has a fear of the dark. I am doing her room in fairies. EVERY little girl should have a magical safe place to sleep and dream of sweet things. I can't begin to tell you what your site has been to us. We have a grandmother willow tree in our yard late at night the fairies come out to play. They drink dandelion wine and dew beer and dance to the crickets. Sometimes they pick grandmas 4oclocks for party hats. Keep up the great work you never know what it means to someone else, or how it keeps the monsters away. Thaks

Frank Love The Art

Erin Would be interested in purchasing 1-3 of your new coloring books. Am up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is this possible? Thanx Kindly and keep up the beautiful art I love it as much as my 3 kids do!!!

Joyce I and my grandchildren had so much fun looking and coping your art pictures for coloring. We colored all weekend and loved it. They are taking some pictures home to color. They have had a power outage and now they can color. Thank you so much for the lovely art.

Barbara I love your work. I visit your site all the time. You have wonderful things to do. And it all appeals to adults as well as kids. Keep up the great work. Your friend, Barbara

World of Froud Your site has been selected for the September Froudian Artist of the month. We love all of the creativity and talent!

Lynda and Daniel I am sitting here at work with my 10 year old son and I went searching on line for something to keep him occupied on this long day and we stumbled upon your site from the World of Froud site and we (thank you!!) have been on your site reading stories, laughing and now I'm printing coloring pages to his delight!!!
I am grateful to you for this wonderful site, the wonderful art and the wondrous stories that have delighted us this afternoon.
Thank you ever so much for the time and effort and wonderful talent!!!

Kelly S. KILLER Art Work!!!!!!!!!!!!
The BEST I've seen in a long while!!!!!!!!
Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!
And may GOD BLESS and Keep You Safe Always!!!!!!!

Lollo This is an absolutely happy and fabulous place to visit. I love the stories and the artwork and the pages and just about everything.
I will be sure to come back to read all the stories and I would like to put a link on my great kids sites.

Crystal S. This site has very beautiful drawings and I was wondering when you'll be adding new ones that can be printed and colored it keeps my kids busy and very happy. Thank You

Megan W. Your art work is so pretty!! Thanks for having such a great site for those who LOVE to color.

Susan J. I just adore your lovely stories and graphics! I hope you have some children's books in the works. Your graphics are way better than a lot of the Caldacott Award Books graphics I have seen. I hope you continue this beautiful website. I was smiling the whole time I was visiting! Thank You!

Brenda H. I love your coloring pages I just wish you would make more. I think that you are a great artist keep doing a great job. Thank.

Stacy F. hello is it all dear?....just bumped over to check out how the cloak search was going...well i do mean.. not the cloak dear.. no,no ..i meant of course the items on the cloak of course...must keep all our protection wrapped tight then...don't need any stray spells sending us off too...oh my who knows't be good now would it...i seem to be quite busy today with domestics...spider web collecting must be done when time allows...oh'll remember ferdmarcman...seems he has taken up stair sailing...dislocated's in the shoulder there...see's an ortho wizard wednesday...he's still blaming the sprite's i keep about...well i can't think harm was, no...just a little funs all...well must be getting back about....i'll check in to see how the cloak item finding mission is coming do have away of bringing such lovely visions to us all...thank you for your insight..thank you for you...pixel

Susan J. Phee has given me so much pleasure today. A friend sent me a link to her web site and I have been there most of the day.
At 68 I should perhaps have given up the idea of elf's and fairies but don't seem able to.
I have just sent a link to several students that are home schooled. Also to my grandson Andrew that he might share my joy in finding you.

Beautiful Angel Very admiring site you have here, I enjoyed all the art work and the stories. They are so inviting and exquisite. Big smiles to you for all your work. :)

Marianne Hi... just surfed in and couldn't leave again :-) I loved your stories and enjoyed the illustrations. Keep up the good work :-)

Amy L. You truly have a wonderful site. I plan to share with people I know. Keep up the beautiful work

Kay What a wonderful time I have had on your website. My granddaughter will love your stories and I've printed some of the coloring pages for her. What delightful, warm characters!!

Elizabeth V. Hello Phee, you are feeding our imaginations! I just surfed and I came back again. Your illustrations are so delightful and mythical. You are talented, creative artist. I write children stories age to 4-7. I would like to publish them one day. I believe the group work too. I got lot of ideas from the children. I would like to get contact with people creative childish mind. Good luck to you!

Mm. Nancy H It's perfectly fitting that today on my favorite of days, I would discover first and inspiration and then you. You've a gift perfectly suited to my personality, one which I'm grateful that you're sharing. This day's journey took me to a flower stand to refresh my senses. I met a most inspiring and fascinating woman there, whom I'm pleased to have met. Also, they had two hanging butterflies. Just perfect. I begged to buy one but to no avail. So instead I studied them and would like to make some such as them. Then, in this journey is when I came along to you by-way of the Butterfly Bower, then your artwork and stories. It's a good day for new beginning's and I'm glad I can share this day with you.

Ginger I must tell you, I've been looking for months, for pictures to color--my friend is a wee bit of an artist(in the lightest sense), and until I stumbled upon your magical, up-lifting, and positively fantastical site, I was beginning to think I would never find anything! What a wonderful breath of fresh air!

My 15 year old is a big fan of Fantasy--all of us are, really--and this is just the "best"! Your stories are perfect for my 11 year old, who is also touching on Ecosystems this year, and has really had a hard time reading and comprehending material.
Bless Phee and her inspiration to you. I really can't tell you how much I enjoyed being "touched" by your work! WONDERFUL,WONDERFUL WORK!!!

Zoe hi my name is zoe draper I'm six years old
Your coloring pictures are great! Click hear for Zoe's coloring.

Torey Thanks soooooo much for all of the wonderful coloring art you make for us! I made a Valentine puppet for my mom, and colored the Valentine clown for her. She has it up on her cabinet at work, and everyone asks about it. It's soooooo pretty! I love all your stories too!
Thank you, Torey Click hear for Torey's coloring.

Dawne I love your work! I love kitties too.

Laura Your Art work is so beautiful. What inspired you to make Art such as this?

Ginger and Ken Your website is fantastic, I love your art! Love, Ginger

Virginia It is positively delightful. I will continue to access it from time to time. I have a gnome friend, Gaylord, who is not so friendly as Phee however he does appear to me when least expected. A wonderful little fellow and I am wondering if he is an acquaintance of Phee.
Regards and Blessings, Virginia

Mysticlady Hi Came In For A Browse You Have A Very Different And Interesting Site Here Wishing You All The Best For Your Future Projects. Regards Mystic

Marianne Hi, just surfed in and couldn't leave again :-) I loved your stories and enjoyed the illustrations. Keep up the good work :-)
Greetz, Marianne, Copenhagen

Amy Very admiring site you have here, I enjoyed all the art work and the stories. They are so inviting and exquisite.
Big smiles to you for all your work. Amy

Linda What a delight! I have just started looking, and look forward to spending more time........reading your stories. Linda

Flo You have once again amazed me with your talent.
After a long year of absence I have renewed my friendship with your stories. What a wonderful talent you have. Thank you for all you do.
Aloha ke akua, (Go with God) Flo

Sharlene I am seven years old. I like some of your pictures. I am sending you some that I have colored. I like your web site. I go to Brownies, and in brownies there are four groups. I forget the names, and I am an elf.
Thank you for the elf pictures, Love Sharlene Click hear for Sharlene's coloring.

Christa Dear Phee, This is Christa, Tracy`s daughter. I have colored in 2 of your wonderful pictures. I hope to be able to find time to be able to send them to you! We just haven`t been able to find the time.
I really like your website and my goal is to color in all of your pictures and send them to you. They are so well drawn to me, they are master pieces!
I`m a drawer too, because I like to make stories and pictures. I want to make my own story, Why the Cat Meows, just a simple 2 page tale My best subject is L.A, in which we are studying Tales-Tall, New, Old and True, at the present. I like your stories best, with Arien and Alismtha and all. I think you'll like the tea sprite coloring of mine the best. That was the hardest coloring of all. So, of course, it turned out the best.
Christa's coloring.

Cooky I had the great pleasure of spending the day with your Nea in a class. She gave me her card that led me to this truly enchanting site! It's wonderful, and I love it. I know I'll be back often to visit. Thanks for brightening my day!

Tracy I love your site! I am a girl guide leader, and the brownies (ages 7+8) have "circles" that they are assigned to. The circles are: djinn, dryads, elves, fairies, gnomes, kelpies, lares, leprechauns, nymphs, pixies and sprites. My eldest was a sprite when she was a brownie, so you can imagine her delight at seeing your tea sprite! They have printed off many pictures, and breakfast almost didn't happen this morning as they wanted to color instead of eat! My youngest is an "elf", so is quite taken with Phee... The girls are 9 and 7, and our bed time story tonight was about Arian the mermaid...
Do you have a story about the pixilation process, and how these wonderful beings have created this site and can to be here? I would like to read that to them next if possible! Do you have a preferred order that the stories be read?
I think that it would be fantastic if there were more mythical beings that just happened to be "brownie" circle beings on your website! There are so few sites that are dedicated to imagination that are sites that girls enjoy, I thank you for creating one!

PS We now have to have tea at breakfast, so that we can see our own sprite!

Tamara Hello there.

I have been searching the internet for baby dragons...cartoon like, so I can decorate my newborn baby girls room. Your Wafafel is the most precious,beautiful colored baby dragon out there. I was curious to know if you have pictures of just the dragon himself, or coloring pages of just the dragon, for me to color in myself. I am very interested, you do wonderful work!

Damian Wow, nice web page, I love this, KEEP DRAWING

Aaron Hi, you already know that I love your drawings. I believe that the website is wonderful and that it is a great experience for the whole family. Love you. Bye.

Courtney Phee you are a talented woman. You have great drawings, my favorite is the butterflies. You should take your drawings farther than a website. You should write and draw pictures for children's books. Bye.

Grand What wonderful Art. I loved Wart and his transformation. What kind of adventures does he get into? I will be sure to look at every page very carefully. Thank you for such fascinating images.

Denise I can't stop laughing

Kim Hi Phee! I came by for a visit and so loved your story! I'm still laughing to my self at the thought of V.C. falling on her bottom! I think I came at a bad time, there seems to be a knot in cyberspace tonight and the guest book and mermaid picture wouldn't download. I'll try again soon!

Nathan & Chelsea We are the grandchildren of Flo and John. Patti gave us your WEB site. We really like your pictures and stories. We will be looking forward to reading the stories. We are twins, we are 10 years old.

Pixel Hello Phee! what a lovely bit of work you have done, I tried to contact you for tea however I seemed to run upon a bit of an ole snag, do hope I'm not to tardy then dear. Your work is quite scrumpshish. Eye food I suppose. Just wanted to drop you a quick line of apology for my tardiness then dear. Do hope you have a lovely day. Toodles,

(a fan of Phee)
Dear Phee, How I loved the story of Harken and the tree knot. The picture of Harken in love is adorable and I sure would like a signed copy for the express purpose of daydreaming in my boss told me that if I had one it could be framed. Harken might make a nice compliment to Happy who watches over us while we work. What a good story!!!

Kaelyn Hi Phee it is Kaelyn I love your stuff. How do you print the mermaid? Mom love your artwork. I do too.

Flo Wonderful!!!! (My friend) Patti just showed this to me.

Janice Phee, it is the colors and the pictures. Going to send Phee's email to my niece. Take a big bow....

James Hello, You have a splendid website! Not only are you a great writer you are also a great artist. Your character ideas are very original and give flavor to those goofy fairies and such in old fairy tales. I was refereed here by (my Teacher) if you remember him. I one day hope to be a writer myself for fantasy novels. Toodles,

Bobbi Great Art Work, And wonderful stories.

The,Kid Zone
Hello! Just wanted to tell you that I have added a link to your site on my page since my children love it.

Seonaid It is wonderful. The drawings are magnificent. I hope we can send it on to lots of people so they can see your work.

Patti I found you!!! Beautiful, beautiful. I'm going to introduce you to the students when they come back from break. They will love it!

Robin Your page is really cool, Stacy is here with me looking over my shoulder looking at the web page for the first time. She loves it too!!!!!! keep up the good work.

TRIXIE from Germany Hi, I think it is really great. I especially loved the Phee Xmas picture.

Drayton Hi, I'm at school and I showed my teacher your web site. She is going to show her grand daughter your site.

Monica & Drayton HI Phee,... We would like to say we love you and your web site.

Rene This is beautiful. The art work--it's wonderful. I hope lots of people see this.

Sue Just had to let you know that you are very, very creative!! I have made a copy of the Christmas Story and also your beautiful drawings. I just had to show my sister. I have also recommended the web site to my few friends with small children. I have had nothing but wonderful comments on your work. It is so good! Had to let you know that I really love your web site!!

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