Pixilated in Cyberspace!

Phee with Broom and Cat          Oops! Caught me! Ah, I'd be willing to bet you are wondering if I'm about to ride this broom. Not to be insulting or anything but the idea's so silly I nearly have a fit of giggling every time I hear such a thing. What I'm actually doing here is sweeping up the last of those loose pixels before my cat, Wart tries to eat them. We wouldn't want him doing any sudden transformations right in the middle of tea, would we? It's hard enough when he warns me and then turns into some gillyfigging saurian, twenty feet tall, sprouting spiky wings and all. It's enough to give me the gout.

         I found old Wart when he was just a wee ball of snarls from living the alley life. Fur all tweaked up every which way from too many rolls in soda pop puddles. Can't blame the poor kit though, being homeless is no fun at all. I've had something of a problem with it myself of late.

         You see, I have many good friends who are displaced and homeless these days. It's all the building and deforestation going on that's done it. I mean, what self respecting elf, and the like, can live from potted plant to low maintenance rock garden without suffering some serious pleasure deprivation?

         To think it's come to this in modern times is a squint unbelievable, but so it is, the Fair Folk are running out of their natural habitats. So when I saw this world wide web thing with the home sites and nothing to do but get pixilated, well what could be simpler for some of those all ready there anyway?

         The bonus is, we now have a medium of communication with humans. So maybe we can clear up some of these misunderstandings between us. About such matters as riding around on brooms and how it is that, one little carpetbag can hold more items than a couple of U-hauls...hm-m?

         It's really all a matter of learning to use your imagination, all proper like of course, instead of treating it like that ugly third cousin you'd just as soon stuff in a closet as look at. And what do you suppose this world of yours would be like if there weren't some around brave enough to be creative? Well, you'd be missing a whole lot of conveniences I'll tell you that, plus the scientific developments, and all the beautiful art.

         There now, I've cleaned up that little mess. Just at the right time too. Have you ever noticed how that happens? Now just don't go back up to the top or I'll have to start this whole thing all over. Instead, let's just diffuse here a bit and mix in some sunbeams, those rare golden rosy ones that only come late in the day. You know the ones; they slip in your windows and cast a fine soft haze in the air so you think some enchantment has come upon you. That's the place for a nice cup of tea and gentle visiting isn't it? Well, what are you waiting for? You know the way to make that little mouse under your fingers work, do the magic!

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