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Sully Wakes up on a Ferris Wheel

Sully Finds Flowers


         When Sully, the Butterfly emerged from her cocoon she was riding the Ferris Wheel at the Central County Fair. As soon as her wings dried she let go and tumble fluttered away from the turning wheel and flew over the fairgrounds.

Sully Sees the Fair Grounds






         Below she saw bright colors and curious movements. A field of flowers! Zoom!
         Down went Sully to get a taste of nectar.

Sully Finds Mustard




         Squish! Sully landed in a big gooey gob of yellow mustard! Phooey! The yellow was not a flower!

Sully Finds Cotton Candy




         Gooey splotches stuck to her nose and her wings. Flecks of mustard dots flew as Sully flitted into the air, did a somersault, and landed on a big mound of pink cotton candy. Poof! Sully stuck!

Sully is on the ground


         She beat her wings until they were so heavy with gooey globs she fell on the ground with a tiny dusty plop!
         Big feet clomped and thundered all around.

Sully Rolling

         The wind swirled in gusts, flipping and rolling Sully along in the dirt and feathers and bits of trash. Around and around Sully went in a flurry of sticky fuzz. Swoosh! Sully flew up and splash, Sully fell down!

Sully in a Fish Bowl




         Glub! Gurgle! Blurp! Sully sunk right to the bottom of a goldfish bowl! Yellow goo and pink sticky globs, bits of weeds and dirt and feathers washed away from Sully's wings.

         Slowly she swirled around and up to the surface where quietly she twirled, looking at the sky. Her wings quivered to fly, but hard as Sully tried she could not go up.

Sully Drip Drys





         Then with a sloshy swish Sully flew up, landing with a wobble on a drinking straw in a plastic cup. Poor wet Sully! She clutched the straw and waited while her wings dripped puddles in the sunshine. All she wanted was a flower to nuzzle up to.

         Bright colors did not always mean flowers. Sometimes colors were gooey yellow mustard, sticky pink cotton candy and a rainbow bath with an orange fish!

Sully Finds a Flower


         When her wings were dry Sully hopped-skittered across the counter of the goldfish toss game and then darted into the air. She looked down and saw more colors and curious movements, but Sully did not fly down until she saw a bright beautiful red. Sully circled around and around wondering if the red was gooey or sticky. Could this red be a flower? Nearby the red thing was a box. The box did not look like a flower to Sully. She landed in the box on some green plants and looked over at the red flower. Her little antennae twitched. Her body began to shiver in pleasure. Her wings began trembling. It was a flower!

Inside the Box




         Sully flew up and thud, a lid came down on top of her, trapping her inside the box! The box began to wobble and shake. The box bounced and crashed. Sully bumped back and forth inside the dark box.

Sully Finds A Garden




         Finally, after a long while, the box stopped moving and a little crack of bright light shone into the box. Sully was ready. She scrambled up toward the light just as the lid came off and flew out as fast as her wings would carry her.

         In the air Sully swooped around and looked down. She saw bright colors and gentle movements. There was yellow, pink, red, blue, and violet. Could it be? Would she dare? Yes!

Sully Takes A Nap




         Down Sully zoomed right onto the petals of a yellow flower. She uncurled her little nose and sipped sweet nectar until her belly was full and her legs and cheeks dusted with pollen. Satisfied and safe at last Sully gently swayed on a branch and took a nap.

         It had been a very strange day for a new yellow butterfly, but all had ended very well. Sully had found flowers. A whole fair garden full.

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