Angel Lightfoot

         Angel Lightfoot was very tired and cross
when he returned to the Heavenly Delivery Office.

For twelve days he had delivered Holiday Joy,
now his job was over for the year
and just when the real fun began too!

He felt lonely and sad as he listened
to all the Spirits and S'elf's whistling and singing.

They were loading Santa's sleigh full of Christmas visions.

Lightfoot sighed and peered into a cubbyhole
marked, "misc". There was something in there.

"A white egg?" he exclaimed.

What was a white egg doing
in the Heavenly Delivery Office?

He wondered what kind of joy
came in a white egg
and who it was meant for.

Well, it was his duty to find out

and Angel Lightfoot loved to deliver!

Angel Lightfoot Snow Bird

First, Lightfoot
asked the Snowbird,
"You lay this egg?"

"Why Lightfoot, you
know my eggs are never
plain old white!"
sniffed Snowbird.

"Oh yeah" mumbled Lightfoot,

"I forgot!"

Cat and Mouse

Then the Attic Cats asked,
"Does it have a little bird in it?"

"Well, you kitties aren't going to find
out!" said Angel Lightfoot.

"Ah, come on Lightfoot, its
Christmas!" purred the cats.

"Sorry", said Lightfoot.

The Ornaments

"Does it have
sequins and
asked the Ornaments,

"Or Gold leaf
and silver stars?"

"No", said Lightfoot,

"It's plain old white!"

Candy Cook

"Is it hard candy
coated with a
chocolate center?"
asked Cook.

"I don't think so",
said Lightfoot,
"I think it is an
ordinary every day
egg, maybe!"

Lightfoot was beginning to feel very discouraged.

Lightfoot and Santa
"Do you know who
this egg belongs to?"

Lightfoot asked Santa.

"I'm in kind of a hurry
right now Lightfoot."

"Could you sit on it
til morning?" said Santa.

Egg Sitting

So, poor Lightfoot
went back to the
Heavenly Delivery

and did just that!

He spent Christmas Eve

sitting on the egg.

But in the morning...There wasn't any question

who the egg belonged to.

The most joyfull Christmas

It hatched the biggest,

the MOST
Joyful Christmas

with 365 brand new

Brighter and Better Days

Full of Wonder and Prosperity

and Happiness for... YOU!

Best Ever

Angel Lightfoot Coloring Book
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Angel Lightfoot
Angel Lightfoot

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