Sleeping Dragon

Baby Sitting

         Ah, the wee Wafafel finally went to sleep, and right in the middle of his dinner too. Just sat there a minute chewing on a red pepper and then, Plunk!, the rascal fell headfirst on his little pillow and was snoring little dragon snores and twitching with dreams. It's no wonder, the way he dashes about and investigates every nook and cranny all the whole time he is awake.

         Wafa is the baby dragon of one of our artist and writers Vivian, well not her own baby but a wee dragon she adopted in the egg. Now I do love the little fellow but I have to admit he is far too energetic, scurrying around and into everything! In frustration Vivian sends him over to me now and again as she is trying to finish her story about dragons. Wafa is determined to have Vivian's full attention even if it means snatching up her writing paper or pens and hiding them. I have the same problem with Wafa hiding my knitting needles or tangling himself up in the yarn but then I have the advantage of a few invisible helpers.

         Reina, the Harpy eagle chick on my knee isn't quite the adventuress now, but in just a matter of a few weeks she will grow to full size and probably give Wafa the fits. The Harpy grows into one of the most powerful eagles in both the physical and the pixeilated worlds. In the physical world a Harpy eagle can grow to three feet tall and have a six and one half foot wingspan. The scariest part is their talons, which will be the size of grizzly bear claws.

         Most Harpy eagles live in the rain forests of Panama with a range as far as southern Mexico and northern Argentina, but our baby Reina is pixelated just like Wafa and lives in our own rain forest. Full grown she will have some interesting powers, which could be very surprising and scarey, especially to little dragons. Harpy eagles are one of the few birds that have the distinction of being both real in physical terms, and real in mythological terms. Since dragons haven't been seen in the physical realm for a long while I am not sure Wafafel can claim that, but of course we all know he is real, don't we?

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Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon Sleeping
Sleeping Dragon

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