Flakie and Troll

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         It was very clear this Troll was not open to negotiation of any kind. It was slobbering furious to find Flakie sneaking around its amethyst crystals and would have smashed him flat had it not stepped on a large crystal and flipped over backward. Seeing his opening, Flakie dashed for the doors, and then hesitated, considering all those crystals he had to leave behind. But before he could scoop more than one into his pocket the Troll was up and roaring toward him, its sharp nails extended and ready to tear Flakie apart.

Flakie and the wall

         Now Flakie swears he went back the same way he came, but we all know how a little stress tends to get the clearest heads turned around. Anyway, he ran straight into a wall that hadn't been there before and there was no way around it. The monster was just about upon him and he was yelling and pounding when the wall...

         suddenly softened and a big pale long fingered hand came out, grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him straight through the wall.

         He managed to get a quick and clear look at the room and its occupants before he was shoved into a transparent tube...         {NEXT PAGE}

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Flakie and Aliens

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