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Harkin and Emily

         We are a joyful group in the Glen this fine day. Last night our Harkin met the love of his life and she isn't a rock or a tree knot. Harkin Riding EmilyI'm so excited about planning the wedding my feet keep dancing me away, but I must tell you what happened last night when the new moon rose over Harrows Creek.

         If you remember, Lord Hyacinth lost an amulet that held a single dose of a magical potion that could transform him back into a human after years of living underwater in the form of a leafy sea dragon. He was so relieved and grateful to have the precious amulet found and returned to him by Harkin that Lord Hyacinth promised him something his heart most desired. Lord Hyacinth sent a message through Master Waterpot to Harkin telling him to be by the old Oak, Curus by name, on the night of the second new moon of the New Year and to bring with him some sort of wrap and soft shoes.

         You can imagine our excitement and the secret and elaborate preparations we made. We are never ones to look askance at the possibility of a great occasion. We made a real party of it with food and drink and everyone in the Glen hiding about in the weeds waiting to see what was going to appear. I know we promised Harkin no more shenanigans, but it is just too much to ask of us with the pixilated hearts and minds.

Waterpot At The Oak          Harkin appeared under the old Oak just at the appointed time, wearing his terrible old moth eaten housecoat and slippers. I nearly jumped up and yelled at him for being such a dunderheaded buffoon for I was fairly certain what was going on here and that old robe just did not fit my image of a romantic moment. Of course, I knew Harken didn't get it, probably thought this was a mission to rescue some endangered beaver or a bat. He is always a good help with rescuing the needy. Noble mind but a bit soft in the head sometimes.

         As he stood under the old Oak looking gawky and dreamy, Master Waterpot loomed up in front of him. Harkin jumped like a rabbit and then gathered up his scattered wits and grinned sheepishly at Waterpot. He and Waterpot had been seeing quite a bit of each other since our trip to Sir Max's aquarium. Harkin Riding Emily Harkin often visits Emily, the eel who was living magically on the waterside of Waterpot's cloak. She formed such a strong attachment to Harkin we feared she might pine away for the lad if we left her behind. Harkin visited Emily by entering the watery environment of the cloak and the two of them going off on who knows what sort of adventure in the deep inner reaches of that mysterious medium. We all had a suspicion, except Harkin of course, that this new moon eve would mean a big change in Emily's life and Harkin's life as well.

         From the look on Waterpot's face I could tell he wasn't altogether thrilled with Harkin's old bathroom and slippers either, but he just went about doing some conjuring, mumbling and waving his arms about and we were all waiting, holding our breaths for what was going to jump out of his cloak. Faint moonlight laced through the branches of the old oak and I looked up to smile at the tiny crescent moon just peeking out from the shadow cast upon it. One might think there is no power in the moon when it is so hidden, but that is folly indeed. Moondrop Frog Mother Moon does her most creative work in the dark, before it is born into the light cast down upon us. This light, however, had an odd quality to it, enough so that we all began to feel a bit discomforted, as if something unexpected was about to come into play in this little drama.

         Sure enough! There was a splashing in the creek and a crashing in the tule weeds behind us and then a snapping and a loud happy croak. We all turned at once to watch a golden glowing frog named, Moondrop leap out of the pickleweed right into Harkins arms. Fortunately, she knocked him to the ground before their lips could touch and be misinterpreted as a kiss.

         A kiss she hoped would transform her back into a princess. Of course, we all knew it was folly! Poor Moondrop! She has been trying for a lifetime or three to shoulder her way into another body's transformation. When she can escape the pull of the moon that is. All the cycles but the dark she is caught on the Moon by an enchantress who cursed her so long ago nobody can remember exactly what for. Master Waterpot gently pulled Moondrop off of Harkin and patted her smooth shiny head. Then he hopped her over very close to where I was hiding and propelled her into the weeds. Realizing she was missing another chance to be changed back into the rather spoiled and irresponsible princess she had once been, big frog tears rolled down her cheeks. I shoved a sweet cake in her mouth, put my arm around her, and told her to shush.

Emily Emerges          Waterpot began his mystical mumbling again, swaying back and forth until his cloak was properly flowing and began to open to expose the awesome sea he carried around on his person or in it, how could one know? Harkin was still trying to get off his knees after the Moondrop collision so he was nose high to the shadow that swirled in the water and suddenly popped out right in front of his face. Well, we all gasped in amazement, but Harkin most of all. Coming out of the water, draped in seaweed was the prettiest little Elvin like girl. Something of an odd splotchy skin color and a bit of the dripping green hair showing, but altogether a girl. Harkin crouched there looking and saying nothing at all until I thought I was going to scream at the lad. Then the lovely creature smiled at him and said, "Well, hey, are you going to talk to me or shall I just go back to being an eel?" The lad nearly fainted dead away, well wouldn't we all? Especially when she smiled and exposed those tiny sharp teeth. It just had to be our Emily! She stepped out dripping seaweed and water and Harkin, with a most joyful expression on his face, quickly grabbed the towel he'd brought and wrapped it around her. It was obvious from that moment there wasn't anybody else in the world for the two of them. The pointy teeth, I knew, we would all get used to in time and that it did not bother Harkin at all. Love is such a powerful force. Skip Animation

Emily Harkin          We were left with our mouths open in wonder as the two of them thanked Master Waterpot and then strolled off into the mists arm in arm. We were over our awe in a blink, of course, and as soon as they were out of sight, we made such a racket of celebration and munching of goodies and laughter the whole Glen was atremble with delight.

         So now, I'm sitting at my writing table, sipping a fine herbal tea with my first wedding list titled, What Kind of Wedding? Hm-mm? Well, as it comes to my mind and heart I'll be letting you in on all the plans. One thing to be sure though, this wedding is not going to be underwater.

         Hope this is fun for you. Love, Phee

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