Pud Mud

Pudd in the Mud

         When Alisma, the water nymph moved to the Green, muddy Pudd was all ready happily living there. Every so often, a water pipe mysteriously breaks on the Green. It usually happens late at night. In the morning the Greenskeeper finds puddles of mud everywhere, with small almost childlike footprints all around. Little does the Greenskeeper know that Pudd, the Mud Bog Gnome has struck again.

         Pudd loves mud! He rolls in it and sticks leaves and flowers all over himself so that he can wander around in disguise and watch the humans. The humans, if they see him at all, think he is just a strange looking plant. Some have even sworn they have seen the plant move, but of course, no one believes them.

         Pudd has other uses for the mud besides spying and studying human behavior. He helps the animals and the birds of the Green when they are sick or hurt, you guessed it, with a famous Pudd Herbal Mud Bath!

         So, if you happen to see a walking bush one day when you are on the Green, stop and talk to it. Pudd loves company and you might be invited to a midnight mud bath, if the Greenskeeper doesn't catch you!

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Pud Mud
Pud Mud

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