The Tea Sprite

The Tea Sprite

         Tea Sprites may not be quite so human looking but my imagination often uses the human form to describe the experience of the senses and feelings I receive from something, say like this hot fresh pot of tea. This particular tea Sprite, wafting it's way shyly out of my tea pot, is from an Asian country that grows an especially exotic and fragrant tea to which dried jasmine flowers have been added.

         Try it yourself then. The next time you sense something very pleasant that seems to stir your interest, ask yourself questions about how it feels, how it would look if you could see it. Then allow your imagination to give you the possibilities.

         Now, I am not saying this little sprite isn't real. It may be that she herself, like so many others of the wondrous and invisible life, helps the imagination form the shapes and movements that you see in your mind and can then draw and write about. So, be sure you have a pencil and a sketch book handy so you can record what you experience, for the more you pay attention and try to record what comes to you from the imagination, the more of a friendship bond you'll have and the more you will be offered.

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Tea Sprite
Tea Sprite

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