Putting Together The
Swan Boat Fairy

Having Fun with the Swan Boat Fairy:
Start by thinking of all the colors that the Swan Boat Fairy will be decorated with. Now print and color in the Swan Boat Fairy. (See Printing Instructions at the bottom of this page.)

Getting Started:
There are just a few steps and a few tools you will need. You will need to print the Swan Boat Fairy on card stock. Then you will need scissors, and glue.

Swan Boat Fairy
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Card Stock:
The easy part is going to be printing the Swan Boat Fairy out on 65 lb., 90 lb., or even 110 lb. card stock, unless of course, you haven't any. If you do not have card stock, then print out the Swan Boat Fairy on regular paper, and glue to any heavy paper. Don't forget to set your printer to its best quality setting.

Cutting out the Swan Boat Fairy:
Use a good pair of scissors, be patient and cut slowly - you can do it!
It is best to cut out everything before you start putting it all together.

Assembling the Swan Boat

Crease along the two lines at the bottom of the Swans, fold and glue the glue tabs on the inside of the swan boat and glue the Swan heads together.

Crease and fold the fairy, glue the head and hair, but do not glue the hands and arms.

Run glue on the flat bottom of the fairy piece and glue this into the Swan boat with the hands holding the Swan. Now glue the hands with just a dot of glue.

Finialy glue the wings to the Swan boat at the front.

You're all set to have fun.

Swan Boat Fairy
Swan Boat Craft
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Swan Boat Fairy
Swan Boat
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