Phee Potions

Happy Halloween!

Phee has something
special for Halloween.


Six new Holloween masks
to add to the other wonderfull masks.

Steampunk Mask Day Of The Dead Mask

Owl Mask Sugar Vampire Mask

Owl Mask Sugar Vampire Mask

Sugar Vampire Story
A great new story about Witches and Vampires and even has a robot dragon.

Halloween Puppets
and Lots of Craft Projects

Grace and Sea Lyon Pirate Puppets
Grace Pirate Puppet Sea Lyon Pirate Puppet

Ogilbie Puppet and Pumpkin Head Puppets
Ogilbie Puppet Pumpkin Head Puppet

Marcella Witch and Friendly Druella the witch puppet!
Marcella Puppet Druella Halloween Puppet

And Druella's familiar spirit Indigo who takes a cat like form. Indigo Halloween Cat Puppet
Indigo The Cat Puppet!

The wonderful Dazid de Zarko
and Fallicious Halloween vampires!
Dazid de Zarko Vampire Puppet Fallicious Vampire Puppet

Dazid de Zarko Vampire Puppet    Fallicious Vampire Puppet

For mermaid and merman lovers there is Sealilly the Pirate Mermaid
and Captain Baleen Cavallo the Mer Pirate!
Baleen Cavallo Pirate Puppet Sealilly Halloween Pirate Puppet

Baleen Cavallo Pirate Puppet    Sealilly Halloween Pirate Puppet

Halloween Stick Masks

Twitch and Louella Aramy Halloween Mask Bella Halloween Mask Fern Tripper Halloween Mask

Heather Halloween Mask Lima Volta Halloween Mask Peppermint Pixie Halloween Mask Rosie Halloween Mask

More Halloween Fun Projects

          Some lovely potion labels for you to decorate, masks and costume ideas, coloring pages, a scarecrow puppet and a little story with a surprise ending. A cover page that you can glue onto a manila envelope or folder so you can keep all your Halloween papers in it.

Potion Bottle Cover Page
Click here and print your cover page. Then paste to a large envelope or manila folder. It will help you keep all your papers and mask parts together.


Phee Potions
Phee's potions labels, follow the instructions to create nifty additions to your Halloween decorations.


For a Halloween party or just great fun here are some wonderful mask ideas.

Halloween Puppets
Here is another Puppet in Phee’s puppet series!

Here is a great little Halloween story for everyone, with loads of “scary” and lots of fun!

Halloween Story

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