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      One of Lolly Paulson’s favorite places to explore on rainy days is the attic. The Paulson house is very old and the attic still holds the treasures and history of her family’s past. In the shadows of the attic are heavy mysterious trunks, still locked, and heaven knows where the keys are.

      The trunks are nearly hidden by boxes full of toys and shoes and old clothes to play dress up in. Other boxes hide little velvety boxes with rings and brooches and satin cases with long necklaces, chunky bright bracelets, and one broken watch. Baskets hold collections of dried flowers and shells mixed with small stones, strange gnarled bits of wood, three jacks, and thirty-six pennies, which Lolly always puts back after she counts them. Some boxes are full of musty old books and photo albums and letters in torn yellow envelopes with exotic stamps. Old hats hang on the wall beside two sprung tennis rackets, a ukulele with one string, and framed portraits of Lolly’s family.

      One day, while playing in the attic, Lolly saw something shiny peeking out of a box tucked far back in a corner. The box was full of old perfume bottles. Lolly carefully pulled a crumbly cork out of a bottle and held it up to the beams of sunlight coming through the tiny attic window. For just an instant the bottle seemed to flash with tiny rainbow lights. Lolly blinked in surprise. She knew everyone would say it is just her imagination. It is true; she has a very big imagination, and right now she can feel it make her heart beat faster and her mind begin to dance with ideas.

      “Look at these neat little bottles, Cinnabar,” Lolly said. “I found a whole box full of them!” The cat, Cinnabar, peeks out from behind Bear and gives her an embarrassed yawn. Cinnabar is very nervous about the attic.

      “These bottles give me a great idea! I will make perfume and put it in these bottles and sell it and make lots of money!” Lolly carefully set the little bottle back in the box and looked around at the motley piles of clothes she had pulled out of boxes. “Now all I need is a neat costume.”

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