Putting Together The
Twip Puppet

Having Fun with the puppet:
Start by thinking of the colors you might use to color Twip. Think of Twips bones and moss coverings and how he might bejewel himself. Now print and color in Twip.

Getting Started:
There are just a few steps and a few tools you will need. You will need to print the puppet on card stock. Then you will need a large sewing needle or push pin, scissors, and mini brads.

Twip Puppet
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Card Stock:
The easy part is going to be printing the puppet out on 65 lb., 90 lb., or even 110 lb. card stock, unless of course, you haven't any. If you do not have card stock, then print out the puppet to color on regular paper, and glue to any heavy paper. Don't forget to set your printer to its best quality setting.

Getting ready for the Brads:
After you color your drawing and before you start cutting use a large sewing needle or push pin PushPin , and put a small hole in the center of each of the black dots that mark where two parts of the puppet go together.  For a push pin, poke it all the way in to make the right size hole. These holes don't need to be very large because you can work the brads carefully into them and that will keep them tight.   A few layers from a corrugated cardboard box makes a good surface to put under the drawing while you make the holes.
Be careful about your fingers.

Cutting out the Puppet:
Use a good pair of scissors, be patient and cut slowly - you can do it!    It is best to cut out everything before you start putting it all together.

Putting it all Together:
Mini brads are the latest thing in crafts and scrap booking and you can use the mini stars or mini flowers. As you assemble the puppet push the brads through from the front to the back. Spread the wings on the brads and tighten these up as much as you can.

Assemble the arms first then attach them to the body. The hand and lower arm are placed above the upper arm arm and a brad is pushed through from the top. The upper arm goes behind the shoulder. Attach the other arm in the same way.

Then assemble the legs. Attach the feet and lower legs over the upper legs, and the entire leg goes behind the hip.

Now attach his lower jaw behind the head and then attach the head to the upper body.

10 brads are required.

Having fun with a puppet:
You can add a "handle" on the back of the puppet, or you can hang them up on a wall or curtain in different poses. You could even glue a small patch of Velcro to the back or a small flat magnet to her back in order to show her on the refrigerator.
You're all set to have fun.

Twip Puppet
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