Sea Dragon

Training a Young
Sea Dragon

          There is a wee little fella in the southern Australian sea named a Leafy Sea Dragon. It is as close to a sea fairy as one could imagine. These lovely little creatures never get any larger than about 12 to 13 inches, but I was thinking to myself, now wouldn't it make a wonderful big sea dragon? One that a mermaid could ride?

          Well then, my head says, you are talking wild magic here dear, so you would have to start off with a wee dragon to get it properly trained, don't you think? Of course, we could have a wee mermaid too! Small enough to ride the Leafy Sea Dragon as it is. So now I am thoroughly confused and want to do a whole set of new drawings. In the mean time, you will have to be content with a somewhat larger mermaid training a small sea dragon who doesn't really look exactly like a Leafy Sea Dragon.

          We are hoping he will grow large enough to some day ride merrily under the sea. And whose to say this wonder doesn't happen right now and we just haven't the eyes to see it?

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Sea Dragon Training
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