Water Nixie Art

The Floating Island

          Our little Twila is a Water Nixie who spends most of her time underwater, floating along like a tiny island, due to her love for adorning herself with all the little plants and flowers she sees along the way.

          Now most humans believe that nixies are a contrary sort and not to be messed with. For humans that is probably a good idea as there are a lot of humans who do not properly respect nature, including the great wetlands. As nixies are very shy and do not have a good opinion of humans this is a best way to meet one and find out their more charming attributes.

          If you are on good terms with a nixie, as we are with Twila, we can get a report on almost anything happening up and down the river, the streams and the underground currents that run like veins under the earth. Twila knows because she is so connected to the water that whatever information is contained in the water becomes a part of her. If there is danger or problems she can taste it or see it and immediately inform the primary architect Deva of that area what is happening. The architect Deva is like a great Angel that oversees Nature.

          The elemental kingdoms, which Twila is a part of, are like the Deva's helpers. Water elementals are in tune with all water, just as flower elementals care for the flowers and other growing things. Water connects them all through the great underground systems and the rain.

          No elemental is sitting about twiddling its thumbs or sighing over their terrible occupations. Or are they sitting in the shadows waiting for some unsuspecting human, unless that human is being very bad. Then there is a chance he or she might have some sort of fright and in a few cases an unfortunate accident. So it is a good idea to be thoughtful and considerate, while enjoying yourself of course. If you were to dress up like a floating island, even Twila might take exception to you and come out to play and whisper into your heart how you can help cooperate with nature's needs.


Be aware and have fun doing it, Phee

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